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What is the purpose of Remedial Massage and does it work?

With everybody pushing the boundaries in their working lives and/or sporting pursuits, having a good therapist who can help you get up the next day feeling better and ready to keep pushing those boundaries isessential. So why do you need a massage if your running short on time? Massages help the muscles recover back to a “rest length”.

Increases in training loads or leading up to a big game or sporting event are perfect times to come in for a massage. Having muscles lengthened back to their healthy state will increase your range of motions through your joints. As well as improve the strength through full range of motion for those of us pushing our boundaries in the gym or on the sporting field.

For those us who get those painful muscle tension headaches and neck pain, restoring muscles to their rest length will promote that relaxed feeling we are all chasing after a long week at work in front of the computer. So for whatever reason you are in need of a massage, come in for a remedial treatment and start the journey back to feeling better sooner!


By Simon Brown, Remedial Massage Therapist