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A women’s health physiotherapist has vast experience in treatment through the different stages of a women’s life, including throughout the trimesters of pregnancy.

As your body changes, it is common to experience pain in your low back, pelvis, hips or groin. There are other conditions that can present during your pregnancy including carpal tunnel syndrome, abdominal separation or thumb/wrist dysfunction (de Querveins). Physiotherapy treatment offers education on lifestyle modifications, pelvic belts, massage and manual therapy to help manage this pain.

It is really important to maintain a level of exercise throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. The current Australian guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise made up of aerobic and resistance training each week.

There are various benefits of exercise during pregnancy, including:

  • Improved mental health
  • Increased strength and balance
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced urinary incontinence (during and after birth)
  • Fewer pregnancy complications

A women’s health physiotherapy can help guide women on individualised exercises that are safe to perform throughout each trimester. This guided program is essential for pregnant women who have diabetes, obesity, chronic hypertension or pregnancy complications.

The level of load allowed for women to safely return to activity whilst protecting the pelvic floor post-partum can vary from woman to woman. This can be evaluated by a women’s health physiotherapist who can guide your return to activity with exercise parameters.