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Lower back pain, what does it mean?

Lower back pain is an extremely common problem assessed and treated by physiotherapists on a daily basis.

It is estimated that around 80% of the population will experience lower back pain in some form during their life.

It is a far too common occurrence for people to panic and assume the worst when they experience pain in their lower back, when in fact the prognosis for a diagnosis of acute nonspecific low back pain is excellent.

An individual’s attitudes and beliefs towards their lower back pain will directly affect their recovery and outcomes. Many common myths that negatively affect a person’s beliefs are:

  • That levels of the human spine can be ‘’out’’ of place.
  • Our muscles can tie into knots.
  • Severe pain must mean severe damage.
  • Exercise and movement is bad.

The human back is a strong and stable structure designed withstand significant amounts of force and exertion. The structures of our spines are supported by strong muscles and ligaments which thrive on movement.

Passive manual therapy can be extremely effective is assisting recovery from acute lower back pain when complimenting movement and exercise. It is important to stay active and have a positive mindset when experiencing acute lower back pain.

If you do experience acute lower back pain it is important to seek treatment from a physiotherapist early. Statistics show the majority of people will show significant improvement within 2 weeks of treatment.

Our staff at QSP are experienced in the education and treatment of all back pain conditions and prescribing specific individualised treatment programs which will best assist you in achieving a full recovery.