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Text Neck – With the increasing popularity and everyday use of smartphones, laptops and tablets amongst the population, there has been a major surge in people reporting headaches, neck pain, arm and shoulder blade pain – hence the term ‘Text Neck’. This scenario may sound familiar to many of you! All you have to do is look around on the train and everyone is using some sort of mobile device! It may be time to take notice of how much time you spend on your mobile devices each day. The problem with using these devices excessively is the strain being placed on the head and neck due to being held in a flexed position for a prolonged period of time. This leads to increased strain on the muscles, joints and discs in the neck. This posture can also cause the muscles in the front of the neck to become shortened and tight. Longer term, it may lead to early onset of arthritis.

Top tips for preventing ‘Text Neck’:

  • If you are using your phone or mobile device, try to hold the screen at eye level – this avoids prolonged periods of excessive neck flexion
  • Take regular breaks from using your device throughout the day – it is recommended no longer than 20-30mins at a time. At this point you need to be getting up and moving around
  • If you work in an office where you are looking at a computer screen throughout the day, make sure you have a good set up of your desk with your screen at eye level so your are looking forward with your head in a neutral position.

Prevention is key, however if you feel you are suffering from some of the symptoms of text neck, book in with one of our physiotherapists for some treatment and advice.