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Six weeks ago, early on a bright and sunny Wednesday morning, the staff from our three clinics gathered in the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens. There were some looks of apprehension, excitement and also sleep deprivation as we awaited the beginning of our first group training session aka “Boot Camp” (also dubbed “torture morning” by some). What we were up against we weren’t sure but with a group like Committed Training at the helm we knew we were in safe hands.

Committed Training is a Brisbane City based personal training company headed by Jason Clark and Brent Coglan. Collectively they have over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, and do a variety of personal, group and corporate training. Also with a strong knowledge of nutrition they are able to cater to all of your health and fitness needs.

For our training we had a weekly one-hour session for six weeks with a variety of the Committed Trainers. This was a great way to learn each trainers personal style of training and also provide us with plenty of variety in our exercise. There was no easing into our sessions as first up we were thrown into hill sprints, stair runs and resistance circuits.

The thought of “Boot Camp” often conjures up images of gruelling exercise, traipsing through mud and being yelled at, however Committed create a much more supportive and encouraging environment that makes you want to keep on going and to do your best. Though the exercises were definitely a challenge, the positive attitude of the trainers made them seem so much more achievable.

Of course the days following our first session were somewhat uncomfortable. Being physiotherapists and massage therapists we certainly knew these muscles existed, but we were abruptly reminded of their existence after they had been pushed to their limit. As the weeks progressed however, we felt less sore and more revitalised after each session. The team bonds that we have begun to form are an extra bonus as well. All that awaits us now is some final measurements of our weight, hydration and body fat percentage, that we can compare with our baseline measurements that we took at the beginning.

At the time the sprinting, tiger crawls, burpees, ball games and “rewards” were the last thing we wanted to be doing at seven in the morning. Now we are at the end of our training, I think most of us can honestly say that we will miss our regular “torture morning”. We would like to give a huge thank you to Jason, Brent, Josh and Don for putting up with our moaning and complaining, but also pushing us to heights we didn’t know we could achieve.

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