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Having foot pain can have a serious impact on your life, your mobility and your ability to work. Our feet are what enable us to go from one place to another and when they are injured, we really notice it. They are one of the most overworked parts of our body, which is why when we feel even the slightest discomfort, it has the potential to be debilitating. Foot injuries and any sort of foot pain can limit the distances we walk, let alone allow us to stand.

But the challenge is that foot pain can often be very general for the patient. There are different parts of a foot where pain is localised, and sometimes a person afflicted with it can’t really pinpoint accurately where it is most troubling. When that happens, even health care experts can find it difficult to treat them.

Here are some of the most common areas people suffer pain in their feet.


Pain in the heel of the foot is often attributed to Plantar Fasciitis, and usually it includes the arch of the foot, too. It’s the first pain that greets you in the morning when you get out of bed. The pain from this condition has been known to lessen a bit throughout the day, but still persists.

Inner Side of the Ankle

Some foot pains originate from the inner side of the ankle, radiating further to the arch, sole, or sometimes even the calf. This may be caused by a pinched or trapped nerve, causing shooting, tingling, or burning sensations.

Ball of the Foot

Also known as metatarsalgia, a person afflicted with this condition can experience sharp pain on the ball of the foot, as if stepping on a stone barefoot.

Between the Third and Fourth Toe

Wearing tight shoes is a common reason why some people experience pain between the third and fourth toe. It is another nerve problem manifested by shooting or burning pain, also known as Morton’s neuroma.

Ankle and Big Toe Joints

Stiffness, swelling, and sometimes a grinding sensation usually felt on the ankle and big toe joints can often be attributed to arthritis. This pain can intensify further with movement or exercise.

Common areas for foot pain

Edge of Big Toenail

When an ingrown toenail grows and presses into the skin edge, it can cause a very sharp pain. It can cause swelling, and in worst cases even infection.

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are thick skin formations where the foot usually rubs against a shoe. Even if they are tiny, they can cause sharp pain since they often extend to the nerves.


A bunion is a lump found below the big toe joint. It can be really painful and is sometimes even accompanied by redness and swelling.

Joints At the Base of Toes

Pain at the joints of the lesser toes is usually called hammer toe because the toes look bent. This is usually because of the use of tight shoes, especially high heels. In extreme cases, it may be attributed to other medical conditions like stroke and diabetes.

Almost Everywhere

When the pain isn’t localised and practically felt everywhere, it may be a sign of nerve damage. The pain can feel like jolts of electricity, or sometimes stinging and burning. When you experience any of these, it is always wise to contact a professional. Your feet deserve it. Our expert podiatry team at Queen Street Physiotherapy would love to hear from you.

Foot pain can impact your mobility